Introduction to the Course

Welcome to Data for Resellers!

In this course, you are going to learn how to utilize data to maximize your profits and recognize not only what inventory to sell but where to buy it! Aaron and I are excited to share our expertise to help you run your side hustle or full time reselling business seamlessly!

By following this data strategy course, you are sure to be able to use the data from your business to your advantage, increasing things like return on investment and average sale price.

With everything we will teach you in this course, you are sure to start off correctly and learn to run your business instead of letting your business run YOU!

The different modules in this Data for Resellers course include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Why You Should Track Data?
  • Module 2: Why Google Sheets
  • Module 3: Data From Different Selling Platforms
  • Module 4: Rebecca's Real Data and Tutorials
  • Module 5: Running Reports and Interpreting the Data
  • Module 6: Resource Guide

Who are we?

About Rebecca:

I started reselling many years ago but only recently amped it up into a part time business. In 2016, I found out I needed a very expensive surgery with a specialist in New York City. I wasn’t working due to my health so I needed a way to earn the money for my medical bills. That’s why I decided to take something I was already passionate about and use my profits for my health. That is exactly how Boss Lady Resale was born.

When I first started running reselling as a business instead of a hobby, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I previously owned my own fitness studio but I never had inventory and used a computer system to handle all of my sales. I decided to start tracking my inventory so I would know what I had, what I lost/redonated and what I kept for myself.

One day my husband, Aaron (who is @TheDataGuru) saw my spreadsheet and started asking me questions. Basically, he was proud of me for tracking the information but I’m pretty sure it killed him to see how messy my data was in the Google Doc. So, he started helping me and bit by bit I started understanding more about how to use this to my advantage. I realized if I wanted to level up my business, I needed to get smart about how and where I was getting my inventory.

After my surgery, I started implementing some of the tips and techniques he showed me (which we show you in this course) and it jump started my sales. The more I worked on my reselling business, my profits went up and I spent less time sourcing. This is truly a business where the amount of work put in can be seen on the amount of sales.

About Aaron:

Rebecca and I met in 2003, and my life has never been the same. Even in the first days of meeting her, I knew she was going to challenge me, and that our relationship would never be boring. Almost 15 years later, we have accumulated a shared history of stories and experiences that we hope to share with others. Where she is an entrepreneur and loves to be social online, I am more practical and risk averse, and prefer to be behind the scenes. However, my day job has allowed me, with the strong encouragement of Rebecca, to embrace the small extrovert inside of me. In doing so, I have had opportunities to present and speak all all over the world on personalized healthcare and the data and analytics infrastructure required.

By collecting genomic data and other precise measures about who we are biologically, we are at an unprecedented time in the our history to understand how our biology and environment impact our health and wellness. I work for a hospital system, but ultimately, we want to keep you of the hospital, and give guidance and services that keep you healthy and happy. Here is a TEDx talk I gave that highlights more on my thoughts and motivation for how data can be used to change lives. All this may sound complicated, but the fundamentals of how we capture and use data can be translated to many areas of our lives.

Since Rebecca started her reselling business, I have been able to help her with understanding the data she is collecting, knowing how she can leverage it to make better, and make more profitable decisions. There are fundamental concepts that can help you spend less time entering and cleaning up your data, and more time using it to put money in your pockets. By tracking specific data, Rebecca has been able to shop smarter, save time and money along with see bigger return on investments with her inventory & sales. This is what we want to teach you how to do in your own business.

Can a new reseller benefit from this course?


If you are a new reseller or just reselling as a hobby, it is extremely important to get started with your data from the beginning. The information you can gain early on will really help you grow your business at lightning speed.

Data Course for Resellers is a tremendous resource for a new to mid level reseller who is looking to learn more about their business. We will teach you the best way to get started, how to use the data for your individual business and guide you to keep going after you start.

Through taking this course, you are sure to grow your business faster than the average reseller. Putting in the work to really learn the numbers in your business is worth every minute spent figuring out how to use a spreadsheet ;)

Can someone who has no idea how to use a spreadsheet benefit from this course?

YES! We walk you through the ins and outs of Google Sheets to ensure you get started on the right foot.

The Course

By the time you have completed this course, you will know everything you need to about getting started with your data and using it to your advantage in your reselling business. Obviously there is a learning curve just like with anything and it is important to take the time to consistently practice the skills learned here to improve and grow with time. This will help you to identify the best inventory to buy for your store(s), what stores are making you the most money, the best price point for each item and more!

If you still have questions when you are finished with the course, please ask them in the helpful Facebook group we created just for the students of Data for Resellers.

Thank you for being a student and let’s get our spreadsheets going!

Rebecca and Aaron Black


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